Alexa Trivia Skill

$15.00 $10.00* / month hosting fee with a 7-day refund and a $20.00 setup fee

Host your personal trivia game on Amazon Alexa and provide your users a fun and informative experience. With your own trivia game you can engage with your existing audience and get new users, who love to test new skills.

Example: “Alexa start Universe Trivia”




What is it ?

An Alexa Live Trivia Skill enables your users to ask questions about a special topic on Alexa. All we need is catalogue with your questions and answers. Games are the most popular category on Alexa. Make use of this! It doesn’t matter if you are a company, association or private person. We make it fun to provide your content and test your audiences knowledge about your topic.


  • Innovative and fun way to interact with your audience
  • Very effective in marketing
  • Gamification and awesome user experience


In the standard package you are able to start a game and ask up to 50 questions. The question and answers will be randomised. The user can also say ‘I don’t know’ or ‘please repeat’. After 20 questions or when the user stops the skill, the number of right and wrong answers will be provided.


Pricing and Next Steps

The pricing consists of 2 components. A one time setup free to implement the code and a ongoing monthly hosting fee to host it on hour servers.

Setup Fee – The setup fee needs to be payed once for implementing the code and setup the server environment. The implementation starts after we got all your information (like skill name, description, logo). The functionality  of the skill is described above. If you have any custom requests feel free to message us.

Hosting Fee – The basic hosting fee is due monthly. Every request to your Alexa skill needs server server space to process the user request and respond with an answer. To guarantee this we need to charge a hosting fee. The basic fee for this skill is 39$ per month

*Please note: If your usage expands to 50.000 we need you to upgrade to the premium hosting package. Every additional 50k request above 100k requests will cost 10$ on top to cover server costs. Please note that these traffic volumes have just very popular Alexa skills.